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Help on the road to homeownership

Far too often we hear community members say, “homeownership isn’t for people like me.” Situational and generational poverty and broken lending and collection practices can leave our neighbors in a position where they don’t see homeownership as part of their future.

But, we know everyone deserves a chance to own their own home and the encouragement to make this dream a reality. Through our Almost Home efforts, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha helps people who don’t currently qualify for our Homeownership Program navigate the complicated steps to becoming “mortgage ready” – a key milestone on the road to homeownership.

By meeting our neighbors where they are in the journey, we customize our support so they can begin to tackle the specific barriers holding them back from homeownership. We also coordinate with partners to connect people with additional community support for needs such as debt consolidation and career planning – all of which help smooth the path to homeownership.

Becoming mortgage ready is a personal process, and the pace is different for everyone, but we’re committed to supporting our neighbors along the way.

Since launching Almost Home efforts in May, participants are preparing to close on their first homes – not to mention the numerous milestones that participants are achieving throughout the process  – from building budgets to increasing their credit scores. At the end of the day, Almost Home is helping our neighbors see, “homeownership is for me.”

Thank you for helping build an Omaha where quality, affordable housing is in reach for all of our neighbors.

Carly Buskirk
Program Associate
Habitat for Humanity of Omaha