Welcome home, new homeowners!

Meet the families who purchased their first homes through Habitat Omaha in 2019.

Founded in 1984, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha is a grassroots organization that builds and renovates houses, forges community partnerships and breaks down barriers. We develop vacant lots and eliminate abandoned homes in blighted areas of North and South Omaha while improving the overall appearance of our community. Habitat Omaha homebuyers are required to complete up to 350 hours of sweat equity before purchasing their homes through 20-to-30-year affordable mortgages. Since 1984, Habitat Omaha has partnered with more than 1,600 families; this year we will impact the lives of more than 200 families in the Omaha area.

In 2020, Habitat Omaha will build or renovate 50 homes and complete more than 150 home repair or improvement projects.