Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Habitat Omaha’s Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) program is a multi-faceted, block-by-block community development model that unites all of Habitat Omaha’s programs. We use data collection and coalition building for more significant neighborhood transformations. As building programs are implemented within a focus area, the Community Outreach team works to strengthen the neighborhood association, provide referrals to address other community needs and bring people together through special events and beautification projects, like Rock the Block.

Rock the Block

Rock the Block events help transform the face of a block in just one day. Building on our mission to reconnect the community, Rock the Block is all about neighbors helping neighbors. During each day-long event, dozens of volunteers converge on a block to help with the transformation through a variety of beautification and minor exterior repair projects. Through these projects we aim to inspire people to become active participants in their neighborhoods.

Questions about Rock the Block? Please contact our Community Outreach Team at or (402) 457-5657

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