An extra hand up

November 15, 2019

An extra hand up

Julie Dodd is an office volunteer who has worked with many Habitat for Humanity of Omaha departments since she stepped foot through our doors seven years ago.

Since then, Julie has assisted the Family Selection Committee, helped share the stories of Habitat Omaha homeowners and even picked up a hammer to renovate homes alongside our Women Build group. Now, she’s supporting the volunteer services team with volunteer coordination and appreciation efforts.

“I like the mission and how Habitat Omaha is helping families who are so close to owning a home,” Julie said about her choice to share her time with us. “It’s almost in their grasp; they just need that extra hand up.”

Julie has been an extra hand up for not only Habitat Omaha families, but also fellow volunteers and staff members. During our Home Builders Blitz in September, she teamed up with Gattuoy, a future Habitat Omaha homeowner, to make sure each build site cooler had ice and water.

Julie said she continues to show up eager to help with new tasks because “the more I do, the more I want to learn.”

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