WoodmenLife Helps Build the American Dream

March 30, 2017
WoodmenLife American Flag Install
ACI Worldwide Employees Volunteering with Habitat Omaha

WoodmenLife Helps Build the American Dream

WoodmenLife celebrates patriotism in many ways, including presenting United States and religious flags to non-profit and community organizations. The 2016 Builder’s Blitz marked the fifth year WoodmenLife partnered with Habitat Omaha to provide flags for Blitz homeowners.

Several WoodmenLife staff members have volunteered with Habitat Omaha. It wasn’t until 2011 that Michele Shearer, Habitat Omaha gift-in-kind manager, cultivated the relationship to include flag donations through WoodmenLife’s local Omaha chapter. Shearer attended a Salvation Army building dedication where she saw WoodmenLife donating a flag. Inspired this by gesture of patriotism, she decided to incorporate flag donations into her organization.

“What’s more Americana than an American flag?” says Shearer. “Some of our family partners are immigrants so although it’s a small gesture, it’s nice to be able to give them an American flag.”

This gesture meant even more to Lacy, a Habitat Omaha homeowner since 2015, who works at WoodmenLife as a field customer service representative.

“I’ve heard stories and watched flag donations on TV, but for it to be something that I am part of now is really special,” says Lacy.

“For most people today, the American Dream is owning a home with a white picket fence,” says Jennifer Shirk, WoodmenLife community outreach manager. “Seeing the flag blow in the breeze adds that cherry on top of having the American Dream of being a homeowner. It display pride and patriotism for the whole block to have flags hanging on every home.”

Each year, WoodmenLife presents flags to Omaha parks, Strategic Air & Space (SAC) and schools throughout the city.

WoodmenLife is the largest private donaor of U.S. flags in the nation. More than 2 million American flags have been donated since 1946, when the WoodmenLife’s patriotic program began.

To learn more about how your organization can get involved with Habitat Omaha throughout the year or during our Builders Blitz, contact Kathy Roum at kroum@habitatomaha.org.

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