Dedicated Habitat ReStore Volunteer

March 30, 2017
Habitat ReStore Volunteer Joe Campagna
ACI Worldwide Employees Volunteering with Habitat Omaha

Dedicated Habitat ReStore Volunteer

Joe Campagna has been volunteering with Omaha’s Habitat ReStore for more than four years now. He found Habitat ReStore through the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC), a service organization that helps match the talents of volunteers (who are usually 50+ years old) with the needs of a local nonprofit.

Joe chose to volunteer at Omaha’s Habitat ReStore, and he’s glad he did. “I’m having fun!” he says. “You have fun and get a lot done.” His kind, approachable manner and outstanding customer service skills make him a valuable asset to the team.

Habitat ReStore employee Steve describes Joe as the definition of clever (though Joe is quick to humbly disagree). When Joe began volunteering at the West Maple Habitat ReStore, ceiling fan donations were coming in so often the only organization they could keep up with was a box system that made it difficult to know if all of the right parts were together. Joe spearheaded an effort to organize the fans (which still arrive on a daily basis) into a much neater, more manageable section, even creating brackets that are used to hang the fans for display.

He has since “evolved to the electrical department,” where he and Steve work as a team. Although he’s happy to help out whenever he’s needed in another area, Joe says focusing on the electrical department allows him to really get to know the inventory and assist customers looking for something specific.

Some of the most rewarding moments he’s had as a volunteer happen when customers he’s helped return to tell him how happy they are with their purchases. Some even bring pictures showing how they were able to use their Habitat ReStore finds.

Whether it’s a fellow volunteer, staff member or customer, Joe enjoys the people at Omaha’s Habitat ReStore the most. He encourages anyone who has considered volunteering here to try it.

“No two days are the same,” he says. “You meet interesting people. You can develop good friendships.”

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