A Fixture in Omaha’s ReStores: Cory Fauchier, ReStore Retail Sales Associate

November 9, 2022

A Fixture in Omaha’s ReStores: Cory Fauchier, ReStore Retail Sales Associate


Cory Fauchier entered Habitat for Humanity of Omaha West ReStore for the first time five years ago. After moving into the neighborhood, a friend and Cory checked out the Habitat Omaha West ReStore to help him find a ceiling fan. He found a black fan for $70. He fell in love with the fan and the Habitat Omaha ReStores.

He began visiting the store every day after work. He even started helping the customers as a shopper. “One day, I helped a lady and her daughter, for an hour and a half, figure out what they need for their bathroom and how they (were) going to remodel their whole bathroom.”

In early 2021, after 30 years in construction, he took a job at a factory. That December, he decided he wanted to leave the factory for a place where he had the opportunity to interact with more people. During a visit to the Habitat Omaha West ReStore, he mentioned to the manager that he was looking for a job, and she encouraged him to apply.

Working at a ReStore seemed a logical next move for him. “I feel at home here,” Cory said. “I know the store better than most; I know where everything went, pricing, and I know the people. It was a real easy transition for me.”

Cory officially started on Jan. 18, 2022. He has since become the ReStore’s go-to person. Cory has done it all — from installing shelves to selling merchandise to managing the donation bin and more.

One of his most memorable projects so far was upgrading the feature wall, a backdrop for kitchen set displays at the Habitat Omaha South ReStore. He used donated, reclaimed barn wood to turn a plain wall into a display wall at the Habitat Omaha South ReStore. With this space redone, the Habitat Omaha South ReStore now has a beautiful new space in which to stage furniture. This wall helps customers — in-person and online — visualize how these pieces would look in their homes.

Outside these day-to-day tasks, he enjoys helping customers find items.

“A lady came in here one day and had been looking for years for just the right barn wood doors to make a headboard,” Cory said. “[I] found her exactly what she has been looking for, and she was so happy. I got her what she wanted at a good price, and that makes my day.”

Cory’s go-to spirit is felt throughout both Habitat Omaha ReStores.

“Every day, he comes into work with an attitude of what can I do today? What can I help you with today? He has incredible initiative,” Habitat Omaha Senior Project Manager Linda Ciochetto said.

Overall, the people make Cory enjoy the Habitat Omaha ReStore so much. “The people that come in here and that work here are just normal, cool people. I like helping people figure out what they need,” he said.

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