We love our volunteers

April 27, 2020

We love our volunteers!

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, our staff sent virtual shout-outs to the people who make their jobs more enjoyable and their lives a little easier. They also shared why they love being able to work with volunteers. Read their responses below!

Volunteer Shout-outs

Tim Leacock

David, program specialist, shared why he values working with Tim Leacock.

“Tim has always been a constant. His commitment and passion for Habitat and our homeowners is incredible. Every week, when he comes in to work through the pile of insurance bills and statements, a task that I do not envy, he does it with a smile. I just want to thank Tim for his humor, dedication and willingness to serve.”

Merle Schlines

Marty, one of our construction crew leaders, shared a favorite memory of volunteer Merle Schlines.

“In November, we were feverishly trying to get a house ready for its dedication. It was barely above 32 degrees that afternoon, and Merle volunteered to power wash the mud-covered cemented areas. He finished at 5:30 p.m., just as it was getting dark. From the top of his jeans to his shoes, he was soaking wet. He proved his dedication that day.”

Phil Pierce

Neighborhood Revitalization Manager Blake wanted to recognize Phil Pierce for all of his hard work!

“Phil is a dedicated person with a passion to help Habitat Omaha improve our recycling efforts (not to mention build with his [faith] coalition). He comes out every month to haul our waste all over town to be recycled. It is truly a highlight of my month to see him, work through the logistics of his deliveries and connect with such a knowledgeable, caring person.”

Ed Fitzsimmons

Carly, homeownership program associate, says she appreciates Ed Fitzsimmons’ consistency, positive attitude and willingness to learn.

“Ed shows up every week and picks up right where he left off and although data analysis may be a daunting task for some, Ed always does it with a smile and he takes his responsibility to report accurate information very seriously; sometimes taking his work home to review! I really appreciate his willingness to learn new systems and functions in Excel.”

‘What’s your why?’

Sawyer, construction supervisor

“I love working with volunteers because of the variety of people and skill levels you come across. It is a beautiful thing to see all walks coming together, and putting aside our differences for a day so that we may create homes, memories, friendship and community. It is truly an act of pure love.”

Kelli, ReStore driver

“Having the ability to work daily with volunteers that have the same passion and drive for our community is amazing. I love seeing people getting out of their comfort zones and jumping head first into new projects and experiences.”

Kyler, senior construction supervisor

“I love working with volunteers because you get to share and help others experience something that you are passionate about. Not everybody gets to do that on a regular basis as a part of their job!”

Mona, renovation construction supervisor

“I was a volunteer in the ’80s and ’90s and know that warm feeling one gets when they see their hard work appreciated. That is why I LOVE my volunteers and try to empower them to try things they might not have done before. Thank you to all our fabulous volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you!”

Ryan, construction crew leader

“Not only do I get the joy of building a house for a great family, but I get to achieve that with many volunteers who desire to do the same. We come together to better a neighborhood, one house at a time. If it weren’t for volunteers, it would just be another day on the job site.”

John, construction crew leader

“I love the work we are doing at Habitat. With the help of volunteers, we are creating safe and stable homes for families. The homes foster hope and lead to happy, peaceful families.”

Connor, lead retail sales associate

“I love the connections and friendships you can develop within a short shift. We set aside our differences and come together with the goal of making a difference. Every day is a new day and you never know who you will meet or what you will learn.”

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