Meet Bob, quality assurance volunteer

April 29, 2020

Meet Bob, quality assurance volunteer 

With a long list of inspections needing to be completed, Bob Hillebrandt arrived at Habitat Omaha at a great time. Last November, Quality Assurance Supervisor Josh Hall had about 45 to 50 homes he needed to walk through in four weeks. When Bob showed up to volunteer at our office, he was happy to help Josh.

Although Bob had no experience with quality assurance, he was willing to learn. Bob volunteers two to three hours of his time every week. He completes home walk-throughs of new houses with Josh. A few items on their list include verifying the painting is complete, the gutters are clean and Energy Star guidelines are met.

“Bob helps with talking to homeowners, getting things Josh needs and assessing the home,” said Jenny Schroeder, volunteer services manager. “By doing these things, he helps us be more efficient and better serve our homeowners.”

Bob has enjoyed learning from Josh and getting to meet soon-to-be Habitat Omaha homeowners during the visits.

“Growing up, my dad was an engineer so we weren’t in need,” Bob said. “I had never experienced that side—it’s been enlightening.”

He’s looking forward to returning and continuing to help Josh once it’s safe to do so.

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