Celebrating achievements

A stable home big enough to fit her family was Nyachoch’s goal. With five children and one granddaughter, Nyachoch knew she had to find a five-bedroom home to keep her family together.

When she heard about Habitat Omaha’s Homeownership Program, she saw an opportunity to make her dream a reality. Although Nyachoch was not accepted into the program on her first try, she was not discouraged. She thought about her children and knew this would be another challenge she would have to overcome.

“I’m a mom and a dad,” she says. “I have to be strong for my family.”

She applied again and could not stop smiling when she found out she was accepted into the program. She was ready to partner with Habitat Omaha and her children were by her side offering their unconditional support.

Now, almost two years later Nyachoch looks at her home with pride. Her children have their own space and her two-year-old granddaughter has a safe place to run and play.

“This is going to be their home,” Nyachoch says.

There have been many accomplishments celebrated in their home. Two of her children received scholarships and are currently attending college. Nyachoch helped her daughter purchase a car so she can drive to work.

“I’m very proud of my children,” Nyachoch says. “They’re good kids.”

Their home is teaching her children to be responsible homeowners. She says they are learning to fix things around the house and to take care of the garden.

“This is your future,” she tells them.

Nyachoch learned a lot about houses from completing her sweat equity hours on Habitat Omaha build sites. She enjoyed watching how an empty lot transformed into a home.

She likes that her neighbors are Habitat Omaha homeowners. All of their homes were built during 2017’s Home Builders Blitz.

“I love how there are many cultures here,” Nyachoch says. “The houses might look the same on the outside but they are all different inside.”

Nyachoch works full-time and takes care of her granddaughter. She cherishes every minute spent with her family. She especially enjoys teaching her granddaughter her native language from Sudan.

“She’s very smart and asks a lot of questions,” Nyachoch says.

Nyachoch is proud of how far they have come and knows there will be many more achievements to celebrate.