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A New Partnership for Affordable Housing

On July 30, we gathered with community partners, Habitat Omaha homeowners and elected officials to celebrate our new collaboration with the Omaha Housing Authority to expand affordable housing and homeownership in several Omaha neighborhoods. 

“Homeownership is a primary means of financial security for most American families and plays an important role in promoting neighborhood stability and civic engagement,” said Congressman Don Bacon regarding the public-private partnership. “However, the prospects of homeownership remain beyond the reach of many households. I applaud the cooperative effort of the Omaha Housing Authority and Habitat Omaha to create affordable housing that will strengthen the city and quality of life for Nebraskans.”

Through the partnership, we will expand Habitat Omaha Homeownership Program offerings beyond new construction and renovated properties to provide neighbors with quality, affordable older housing stock in established neighborhoods.

“The Omaha Housing Authority is proud to partner with Habitat Omaha to increase access to affordable homeownership in the Omaha community,” said Joanie Poore, Omaha Housing Authority chief executive officer. “We appreciate the philanthropic partners who have joined this innovative effort to make homeownership attainable in our community.”

Habitat Omaha will incrementally acquire 100 single-family houses from the Omaha Housing Authority over the course of the partnership. After coordinating light-touch renovations including energy efficiency updates, we will make the homes available for purchase through an affordable loan with our Homeownership Program.

Affordable housing is foundational to vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities, and we are incredibly thankful to all who have supported this partnership, allowing us to direct our housing expertise toward creating more homeownership opportunities for Omaha residents.