Bettye’s Blessing

January 12, 2023

Bettye’s Blessing


Bettye Coleman spent more than 12 years comforting patients’ loved ones, and doing HR tasks and other duties as an employee of Select Specialty Hospital. One day in 2022, a blessing landed in her orbit thanks to a colleague.

Bettye discovered an open position at Habitat Omaha through a coworker at the hospital, who is friends with former Habitat Omaha office manager Yvonne Hoof.

The co-worker, Annette, said she would be a great fit for an open position. Bettye wasn’t looking for another job — but Annette said this position was with Habitat Omaha. In 2003, Bettye’s sister Valerie became a Habitat Omaha homeowner. She is proud of Valerie for paying off the home and that it is still in great condition after owning it for 20-plus years. She can see how wise it is for people to participate in our homeownership program and the benefits from it.

Bettye grew up in North Omaha but now lives in West Omaha. This job has given her the opportunity to be involved in her neighborhood. “This is where [I] come from, so why not help?” Bettye said.

Bettye started at Habitat Omaha in December 2022 and has watched our mission benefit members of the community. “I [enjoy] seeing families come in and get their home. It touches my heart. Especially the single mothers, and that someone helps them get a home for their children,” Bettye said.

Bettye mentioned Donisha Williams, who closed on her home at the end of December. Seeing Donisha’s children excited about their new home and receiving their housewarming gifts from Habitat Omaha was a wonderful moment. Seeing this joy in action reminded her of the power of Habitat Omaha’s mission.

Bettye looks forward to continuing to help our clients, Family Services and the entire Habitat Omaha team in her role.

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