Staff Spotlight: Adam Scurlock, program specialist, home repair

October 7, 2022

Staff Spotlight: Adam Scurlock, program specialist, home repair

Adam Scurlock started working at Habitat for Humanity of Omaha by a happy accident. In 2020, after 20 years of mortgage lending experience in the private sector, he decided to continue working with mortgages, but wanted to engage in more fulfilling work. That’s when he came across an opening at Habitat Omaha for a mortgage processor.  

He liked that this position would use his skill set and would give him the chance to help first-time homeowners, which was different than what he was doing in his previous role. He applied and found out that the mortgage processor role had been filled. The next day, Scurlock received a call from Habitat Omaha informing him that a position was available in the Home Repair department. 

He applied, was hired, and started in October 2020. “After I stepped into the role and learned more about it and we could impact people’s lives and their situations, I felt like this is where I was supposed to be. For me, this was a better fit, and I could have more impact in the community I grew up in,” Scurlock says. said Scurlock.  

Scurlock grew up right across the street from Miller Park. “I loved that community growing up. It was a very diverse community. Hardworking people that just had to deal with some stuff that you didn’t necessarily have to deal with in other parts of town. It was a lot of great people, and I knew that they needed help too.”  

Scurlock knows that the Home Repairs program impacts all parts of town, but knows some of the greatest needs for home repairs projects are in North Omaha because the houses are significantly older.

Scurlock started by conducting many meetings and having support from his team. . He worked with home repair clients from start to finish on their home repair loans. In his two years at Habitat Omaha, Scurlock has been fortunate to see the impact of the home repair program work numerous times.  

“People get emotional in the closing,” Scurlock said. “This is a life-changing experience for [them]. The first time that kind of happened for me, it really showed me the impact, made me feel the impact of what we are doing.” 

Scurlock may mostly notice the significance of the home repair program in the community, but his teammates notice his influence within the organization.  

He is a great sounding board and brainstormer when it comes to ‘out of the box’ applications or phone calls that home repair receives. He is fun to work with and very gracious with his time and talents,” says Sara Zivny, Home Repair program associate.  

“He’s very detail-oriented. Thinks everything through so we have the best outcome for the homeowner and always has a lot on his plate and never shows he’s stressed or under emotion.” says Jeremy Scarbrough, senior project manager.  

Scurlock’s team has been touched by his work ethic, patience and kindness.  

We at Habitat Omaha are happy that Scurlock’s happy accident led him to a role where his impact is felt in the community and in our organization.  

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