Addressing the Workforce Housing Shortage

June 28, 2023

In Nebraska, the average renter’s salary falls short by 17 percent of the income they need to comfortably pay their rent. In Omaha, that shortfall deepens to 26 percent.

The cost of living is outpacing salaries for millions of Americans and the imbalance is having a ripple effect across entire communities, making renting safe, affordable housing difficult and homeownership nearly impossible. 

For employers, it’s making it harder to build a diverse workforce, keep talented employees, or help them reach their fullest potential.

High housing costs can keep people from living close to work and long commutes sap productivity. One study in a major US metro area found that traffic costs as much as $4.1 billion in productivity!

That’s a big part of why Habitat for Humanity Omaha  launched Workforce Housing–a program that brings Habitat Omaha directly to employees at their place of work. So far 50 people have signed on to get mortgage ready and one step closer to becoming homeowners.

Tyson Team Members Celebrate. Left: Rose, Jason and family stand in front of their new Habitat home. Right: Thay Tha Yu Htoo holding her son and the keys to their new home.

Habitat staff work with individuals one-on-one to improve or build their credit, remove debt and create a savings plan that makes sense for themselves and their families.

When we take on the housing crisis one family at a time, we can begin to ease the profound impact it has on the local economy. 

“If we can help an employee purchase a home, we’re helping build a more stable connection, not just to the employer, but to the whole community.” 

  • Guilia Leo, Habitat Omaha Workforce Housing 

Major Omaha employers–including Children’s Hospital, Beardmore and Tyson Foods–are already partnering with Habitat Omaha and know the program is good for teammates and business.

Your ongoing support means we can grow Workforce Housing to reach more employees, empowering individuals and families at all stages of homeownership.

Tyson Team Members are Finally Home. Left: De Htoo, a Tyson team member, opens the door to his new home for the first time. Right: Mu Ket and family cut the ribbon during their house dedication.

Thank you for your commitment to safe, affordable housing for everyone!

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