Habitat Omaha Homeowners

A New Chapter

Family is a major support system for Ebony and her two sons, JJ (7) and EJ (2). With the love and support of her parents, grandparents, and “aunties,” Ebony is the first person in her extended family to go to college, and now will be the first to own her own home.

After applying for Habitat Omaha’s Homeownership Program two years ago and getting declined, Ebony worked extremely hard to get her finances in order. Her father encouraged her along the way saying, “you go, girl!” Now she is equipped to provide financial stability for her family.

The family already has plans for their new home. JJ loves cartoons and cars and he is planning to make his room his own with a red wall and bunk beds. EJ loves being outside and looking at the stars, something he’ll be able to do often in their new yard. They are all looking forward to playing together in the yard.

Ebony is excited to begin a new chapter as a homeowner. She looks forward to pulling into her driveway and saying, “it’s ours.”

Special thanks to First National Bank, the building partner for Ebony’s home.