Volunteer Appreciation Month: Meet Sue

April 16, 2024

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we want to introduce you to some of our incredible volunteers and to share what we’re able to do together. Meet Sue.

“It’s so rewarding,” Sue says of volunteering at the Habitat ReStore, where she’s been volunteering for two and a half years. “We help keep the place looking nice, fix things that may otherwise go to the dump, and help people find unique things,” she says.

Habitat Omaha’s two ReStore locations take a variety of donations to then sell, with all the proceeds supporting Habitat’s work. “We spend a lot of time telling people how we deconstruct things like kitchens and that it’s not how you see it on TV,” Sue said. “We take care to make sure cabinets are preserved. That means someone can use them in another home, preventing them from going to the landfill. It’s so gratifying to share that message with others.”

At the ReStore, Sue often works in the Market, a place where you can find upcycled, handmade décor, art, and goods from local vendors. She’s also a vendor there and loves helping people find unique things, like some recently donated antiques or a big donation of upholstery from Union Pacific. (It all sold!)

“It’s so fun to see the variety of people that come through the ReStore,” she says, including moms helping their college-aged kid with their first apartment, newlyweds looking to complete their home and designers. But the most fun, Sue says, is when a new Habitat homeowner comes in to look for furnishings and other things for their new home. “They are so excited and happy, and it just fills my heart.”

Thanks to Sue and all the volunteers who help make our work possible, contributing valuable time and energy to help build homes, revitalize neighborhoods and connect people to products at our two Habitat Omaha ReStore locations.

“Everybody can do something for society to make it a better place,” Sue says. “And I love being dedicated to something that I know is helping others. On top of that, the ReStore is a little community, which I’m grateful for.”

Learn more about volunteering with Habitat Omaha. We have opportunities for people with various skill sets, and we welcome anyone who wants to help!

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