Habitat Omaha Homeowners

New Roofs for Two Neighbors

When she started finding shingles in her yard, Ruth knew she needed to replace her roof. But she didn’t know who to hire to get the job done. Her immediate concern was finding a reputable contractor, so she decided to contact Habitat for Humanity of Omaha for a reference or at least a little advice.

Ruth had volunteered with Habitat Omaha through her church in the past, but didn’t know about the Home Repair Program until she spoke with program manager Danyelle. She encouraged Ruth to apply for an interest free loan to take care of replacing her roof.

The Home Repair team worked closely with Ruth, guiding her through the entire process. They first determined exactly what repairs were needed, and then secured bids from known, trusted subcontractors before selecting one to complete the work.

When the roofers came, her next-door neighbor Mitchell took notice. He also needed a new roof, so he walked over to talk to Ruth and see what he could find out. After she told him she found a contractor and financing through Habitat Omaha, he decided to see if he might be eligible, too. He went in to the office that day to fill out an application.

Upon acceptance, Home Repair staff helped Mitchell write up specifications, which were then used to ask for bids from local contractors who partner with Habitat Omaha.

In addition to replacing their roofs, both Ruth and Mitchell needed a few other small repairs to their homes. Ruth decided to add a new banister and replace a rickety one on the steps leading from the street to her house. There are two sets and, because they lead to her front door, they get a lot of use. She is thrilled because the result is attractive as well as functional. “It’s the front door,” she says. “They’re the prettiest railings in the neighborhood!”

Mitchell had some interior jobs he needed taken care of; a separate contractor handled repairs to the railing and steps into the basement. “I’m really appreciative about getting this work done that I can’t do,” he says. For both Ruth and Mitchell, being able to get necessary repairs to their homes is about safety, security and peace of mind.