Neighbors with Lions

December 12, 2018
Nyanchiew and Gach's Family
Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Neighbors with Lions

When Nyanchiew first came to the United States from South Sudan, she believed it was going to be paradise. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than she had imagined, but Nyanchiew persevered. She has now been in Omaha for fifteen years.

Nyanchiew and her husband Gach have five children: Marnath (19), Chuol (8), Teny (6), Nyadit (3), and Tethloach (1). A favorite family tradition is visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo; the kids are so excited that their new neighborhood is close to the zoo. They will be able to visit their favorite exhibit – the lions – as much as they like!

Nyanchiew has decided to become a homeowner for her children. After renting for the last fifteen years, she is ready to have a place of her own to raise them. The children cannot wait to make their spaces their own once they move in. Chuol plans to paint his room red, while Teny wants his to be blue and gray.

Nyanchiew has enjoyed learning on the build site as she’s worked to complete the required 250 hours of sweat equity. As she prepares to close on her family’s first home, Nyanchiew is excited for the opportunities that will come with homeownership.

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