Looking back on a joyful year of homeownership with Marcus

March 17, 2023

Looking back on a joyful year of homeownership with Marcus

2022 Women Build Homeowner


The 26th Women Build Kickoff will break ground this month. This volunteer service opportunity recruits, trains and empowers women to make a difference in their community by building safe, energy-efficient and affordable homes.

Marcus Bryant, one of the homeowners who now lives in a home on Manderson Street built by the 2022 Women Build crew is looking back on the joy homeownership has brought him. “I was able to host my first Thanksgiving. It was a special moment” Marcus said. “I had my mom home for the first time in ten years, and she loved the house.”

He’s also enjoyed making his mortgage payments versus paying expensive rent. “It feels great to build towards my credit, and and also improve it now that I am making a mortgage payment.”

Marcus is also using the skills he learned in Habitat Omaha education classes. In Yard Care 101, he learned how to nurture the sod in the front of his home so it would become a beautiful green front yard one day. “The education classes taught me to always stay on top of (yard maintenance),” he said. He took that advice to heart and is now looking forward to enjoying his yard.

Seeing the Women Build Crew work on his home has served as an inspiration to Marcus’ daughter. “They didn’t let them being women themselves stop their accomplishment. Their accomplishment was to build this house. I want my daughter to feel the same way,” said Marcus.

Since Marcus closed on his home, nine more families have moved into Habitat Omaha homes on Manderson Street. This year, the 6th Women Build house construction will take place in Habitat Omaha’s multigenerational development, Bluestem Prairie.


To learn how you can volunteer on this year’s Women Build, click here to help build the house. No construction experience is necessary.

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