Debra and Kenneth’s Story – Veteran Home Repair Program

June 13, 2022

Veteran: Debra, Air Force, and Kenneth, Marines

Work completed: Repair and replacement of parts of the roof and the front and back exterior steps; replacement of HVAC

Debbie and her husband, Kenny, are both veterans. Debbie served in the Air Force, and Kenny served in the Marines. Though they met in fifth grade, they went their separate ways before reuniting and marrying in 1998.

While in the service, Debbie was studying to be a plumbing specialist, but personal issues led to her being honorably discharged. After leaving the service, Debbie worked in customer service for Greyhound and Marriott. Then she spent about 18 years driving a school bus before an accident left her with a disability.

Kenny worked in transportation services during his time in the Marines. Once he retired from military service, Kenny drove trucks for a linen company before he, too, became a school bus driver. He continues to greet students while driving his school bus every morning and afternoon.

Debbie and Kenny have lived in their home since 2015. The home was in need of roof repairs and a new HVAC system, and both the front and back steps had become hazardous. Debbie was concerned about whether Kenny could navigate the steps safely. Their HVAC system had been repaired previously, but like the steps and parts of the roof, it needed to be completely replaced.

Debbie learned about Habitat for Humanity and The Home Depot Foundation’s Veteran Repair Corps program through her father, who is also a veteran. With assistance from Habitat, THDF and the Veteran Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Pilot program, Debbie and Kenny were able to make necessary repairs to keep their home safe and accessible. Today, Debbie and Kenny say they feel “so blessed,” and their prayers were answered.

You can donate directly to the Veteran Home Repair Program HERE.


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