Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Homeowner Spotlight: Nyapak’s Family

Determined to Succeed

Nyapak is a strong woman who doesn’t give up and believes that God plays a vital role in all things. She traveled to the United States in 1993 after spending years in a refugee camp in Kenya. She was drawn to Omaha in 1996 by family members who had settled here.

Nyapak applied to Habitat Omaha’s Homeownership Program three times before finally being accepted. She never gave up. She worked harder to qualify with each denial she received. Nyapak was determined to provide a safe, stable home for her children. Now, on her fourth try, she is on track to become a first-time homeowner in the Spring of 2018!

Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Nyapak and two of her children helping to build their home during our 2017 Fall Framing Frenzy.

Nyapak’s primary motivation for wanting to become a homeowner is her five wonderful children. Nyboum (23), Diew (22), Bijaloi (18), Nyagoa (15) and Junup (11). Her children have helped with her 250 hours of sweat equity that must be completed before she buys her Habitat home. They are as hardworking as she is!

Nyapak is so excited to be part of Habitat Omaha’s program and cannot wait to move into her new home.

“God is good, I love Habitat a lot!” she says. Upon seeing the lot and plans for her new home, Nyapak beamed and exclaimed, “Mama is happy! Thank God for such a good place for me and my babies!”

Funding for the construction of Nyapak’s home was made possible by a donation from:

Kum & Go