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Staff Contacts

Amanda Brewer

Chief Executive Officer

p. (402) 457.5657


Drew Lier

Construction Director

p. (402) 884.7656

Volunteer Services

Marlee Huen

Senior Volunteer Coordinator

p. (402) 884.7067

Development and Faith Engagement

T.J. Isaacs

Chief Development Officer

p. (402) 884.7785

Kathy Wells

Development Associate - Special Events

p. (402) 884.5957

Becky Vinton

Senior Development Officer

p. (402) 884.2499

Home Improvement

Danyelle Baratta

Senior Home Improvement Programs Manager

p. (402) 884.6626


Lacey Studnicka

Program Director

p. (402) 884.7417

Nicky Sullivan

Homeownership Success Supervisor

p. (402) 884.5716

Carly Buskirk

Program Supervisor

p. (402) 884.7820

David Klitz

Program Specialist

p. (402) 884.5979

Finance and Accounting

Louis Olivera

Chief Financial Officer

p. (402) 884.7199

Sheryl Fitzgerald


Al Siemek

Finance Director

p. (402) 884.2433

Mike Elston

Director of Mortgage Services

p. (402) 884.3253

Human Resources

Lisa Taylor-Jones

Director of Human Resources


Mark Kennedy

Director of Operations

p. (402) 884.7358

Public Affairs

Tracie McPherson

Public Affairs and Advocacy Director

p. (402) 884.6413

Habitat ReStore

Jackie Knobbe

Senior ReStore Manager

p. (402) 884.6798