Staff Contacts

Amanda Brewer

Chief Executive Officer

p. (402) 457.5657 abrewer@habitatomaha.org


Drew Lier

Construction Director

p. (402) 884.7656 dlier@habitatomaha.org

Volunteer Services

Jenny Schroeder

Volunteer Services Manager

p. (402) 884.5782 jschroeder@habitatomaha.org

Development and Faith Engagement

Melissa Murante

Development Operations Specialist

p. (402) 884.7390 mmurante@habitatomaha.org

Michele Shearer

Gifts In-Kind Manager

p. (402) 884.4329 mshearer@habitatomaha.org

Kathy Wells

Development Associate - Special Events

p. (402) 884.5957 kwells@habitatomaha.org

Home Improvement

Danyelle Baratta

Home Repair Manager

p. (402) 884.6626 dbaratta@habitatomaha.org


Naomi Hattaway

Program Director

p. (402) 884.7417 nhattaway@habitatomaha.org


Al Siemek

Chief Financial Officer

p. (402) 884.2433 asiemek@habitatomaha.org

Human Resources

Vikki Jaeger

Director of Human Resources

p. (402) 884.1794 vjaeger@habitatomaha.org

Public Relations

Nina Graziano

Manager of Communications

p. (402) 884.6858 ngraziano@habitatomaha.org

Operations and Omaha’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Elli Aesoph

Chief Operations and Retail Officer

p. (402) 884.7358 eaesoph@habitatomaha.org