Buildertrend sponsors its first home 


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha has been known to Buildertrend as a client for over seven years. Employees of the residential construction management software company took this partnership to a new level this year when Buildertrend became a Platinum Build Partner for a five-bedroom, two-bathroom home in north Omaha.

Platinum Build Partners such as Buildertrend have a chance to be involved in their sponsored home from start to finish. This project was completed with the help of 361 Buildertrend employees, who spent 2,527 volunteer hours building a home for Dei and Hso, the new homeowners.

Each department at the Omaha-based company designated days to participate in the project, completing jobs such as framing, siding, finishing touches, and painting the exterior and interior of the property.

Buildertrend employees said they enjoyed working with their colleagues in a new setting. Claire Pelan, corporate communications coordinator, said, “My favorite part was getting to experience different jobs and working with my team doing things outside our regular roles and responsibilities.”

Megan Longo, chief of staff, was impressed at the level of involvement by onsite volunteers. “I was pleasantly surprised at the level we were able to integrate into the build process. It wasn’t fluff jobs; we were building a house,” she said.

Buildertrend’s work on the house also exemplified the company’s mission of giving back. Housing & Basic Needs and Support for Children are two of Buildertrend’s five foundations of giving that aligned with this project and motivated the company to become a Platinum Build Partner.

The project also allowed Buildertrend employees to see their software in action. Habitat Omaha has used Buildertrend software for project management, scheduling, homeowner selection, and more.

Buildertrend employees saw their hard work come to life when Dei and Hsoe closed on their new home on Aug. 19. Buildertrend employees and Habitat Omaha staff celebrated this milestone with the family.

Dan Houghton, Buildertrend’s CEO, and co-founder look forward to seeing the impact homeownership will have on this family. “The home is where you build memories. It’s where you have a lot of your firsts in many cases,” he said. “My hope is someday these kids are doing what I’m doing – that they’re at a place in their careers where they can make an impact for another family. It’s a cycle of goodness.”

Corporate Build Partners like Buildertrend allow Habitat Omaha to continue helping families such as Dei and Hso become homeowners.

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