Home for the Holidays

Gift Guide 2022


Give your gift-giving extra meaning this season by improving a home for the holidays.

The holidays are coming up and it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for your loved ones. We’re bringing you closer to each of our build sites this holiday season with our Gift Guide for 2022. 

You can donate items like a brick, a light fixture, or an appliance to a home build from the gift guide.

You can buy these items in a family member’s name or your own, and your gift will impact the affordable housing crisis in the Omaha Metro area!

Your gift makes a difference!

At minimum wage, a person has to work 61 hours each week in order to afford a modest one-bedroom rental in Douglas County. Affording rent is just one part of the equation. Nearly three-quarters of Omaha families earning less than $35,000/year are paying more than they can afford for housing, not leaving enough for other necessities like nutritious food, health care, transportation, education, or saving for the future. Your gift helps families seize the opportunity and possibility that quality, affordable housing represents. Through shelter, we empower.