Their last move

After having moved multiple times, Niesje is ready to pack her belongings one last time to move into her fully renovated Habitat Omaha house.

“I moved from apartment to apartment every two to three years because the payments were so high,” Niesje said. “I was paying as much as for a house.”

When a member from her church learned about Niesje’s frequent moves, he suggested she apply to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha’s Homeownership Program. Niesje didn’t think she’d meet the income guidelines.

“I wasn’t going to apply,” Niesje said. “But he told me the worst they can tell you is that you don’t qualify.”

Niesje was surprised and excited when she heard her application was approved. Having her own house meant more space and not having to worry about apartment neighbors.

“It’s the little things,” she said. “Not having to hear your neighbors jumping or washing in the middle of the night.”

Niesje pictures herself grilling outside, turning one of the bedrooms into a guestroom, and having weekly movie nights with her daughter in their new living room.

Her 11-year-old daughter is looking forward to having her own bedroom and is hoping their new house comes with a pet.

After twenty years of living in apartments, Niesje is ready to purchase her first house.

“Owning a house is a new experience, so I’m excited and nervous,” Niesje said. “I’m glad we won’t have to move again.”