Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Proving Her Independence

Candyce views homeownership as a chance to prove her independence. As a single mother of two young children, she has watched her mother, father and brother accomplish various goals. Now, she feels it’s her time to shine.

“You would have never pictured me outside (doing construction) before now!” she says proudly.

Family is very important to Candyce. “My mom is a strong lady,” Candyce explains. “I really want to be like my mom.”

Owning a home is a goal Candyce has set her eyes on and she especially sees it as an opportunity to be a strong role model for her own children. “I want to show my kids that they can attain any goal they decide on,” she shares.

Candyce says her daughter Kassidy, 8, loves the outdoors and playing softball. “She practices two times a day, just for fun!” Evan, 2, is super adventurous and keeps her on her toes. “He runs all over the house pretending he’s a dinosaur or minion,” Candyce laughs.

Candyce and her children look forward to having their own space to decorate as they please. Kassidy cannot wait to show off the home to her friends, and is already planning to host a sleepover.

As for Candyce, she is just looking forward to knowing that she has a place to go at the end of the day that is her very own.