‘More liberty’ for Pro Build homebuyer

Purchasing a house has always been a goal of Claudia’s. Determined to achieve it, Claudia searched online and came across Habitat for Humanity of Omaha’s Homeownership Program. She submitted an application and waited a year for a five-bedroom house to be available.

“I remember telling Carly, ‘it doesn’t matter if the house is completely new or renovated, I just really want to purchase a house,’” Claudia said.

Shortly after, Carly Buskirk, Homeownership Program Supervisor, told Claudia there would be a house available for her to purchase in 2020. Our Pro Build partner, Lund-Ross Constructors, would begin construction in August and have the house completed before the end of the year.

Claudia drove around the neighborhood and used her imagination while looking at the house plans and empty lot.

“I want to invest in something that is for my family and me,” she said.

Currently, Claudia and her sons are renting a room in a family member’s trailer. Their new house will provide them with a safe and spacious place to call home, where her children can comfortably complete schoolwork and spend quality time together.

“Due to COVID-19, I can’t help build my house right now,” Claudia said. “But I hope to help because I’d like to play a part in completing my home.”

Claudia is ready for the day when they get to move in, choose their bedrooms and welcome a dog into their new home. Her children are looking forward to riding their bikes around the neighborhood.

“Having our own place means more liberty,” she said. “I’m happy there’s an organization that helps families throughout this journey.”