Homeowner Spotlight: Meet Mia, a published author of children’s books

August 30, 2021

Homeowner Spotlight: Meet Mia, a published author of children’s books

After learning her daughter’s classmates were making comments about her appearance, Mia decided to write a book to encourage all girls to love and accept themselves and each other.  

“I want all little girls to love the skin they’re in,” Mia said. “I want them to understand that although you may look different, it’s fine. You can be friends.”  

After a year of planning, writing and sketching, Mia’s book, “Black Girl Magic” was published in March 2019.  

“I put the vision that I had on a paper, drew sketches and then worked with a great illustrator,” she said. “I watched it come to life.”   

Mia began selling her book to friends, family and schools. Her book landed in the hands of a staff member at Just Like Me! Book Box – a monthly subscription box with children’s books featuring characters of color. Mia shipped 2,000 copies of her books to include in the book box.   

“I did not expect for the book to take off,” Mia said. “It was a bit scary but very exciting.”   

“Black Girl Magic” has also been featured on Good Morning America and RightThisMinute.  

Shortly after, family and friends encouraged Mia to write a children’s book for young boys. Seven months later, Mia published “It’s a King’s World”.   

Her book highlights different occupations children might have never heard of before, including architect, culinary chef and barber.  

Before COVID-19, Mia would go to schools to read her books and lead an activity. She would give every girl a mirror and a sharpie. 

“I’d tell them to write what made them special and beautiful,” Mia said. “At the end, I told them they could keep the mirror. I asked them to look at it every morning and remind themselves how special and beautiful they are.” 

Young boys would receive a drawing of a king to color it in and were asked to write what king they would like to be and why.  

“It’s fun to read to them and tell them they can create a career out of their favorite hobbies and activities,” she said.   

Mia’s books are available for purchase on Amazon. She is currently working on her third book. 

“My third book will talk about when mom has a new husband and dad has a new wife,” she said. “Sometimes with relationships, we forget the children’s emotions.”  

Knowing copies of her books are in schools, bedrooms and libraries inspires Mia to continue writing.  

“It’s so fulfilling to see children open the book,” she said. “It gives me a sense of peace every time I work on a book.” 

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