Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Homeowner Spotlight: Magaly and Baltazar

Their Last Move

Family time is precious to Magaly and Baltazar. Whenever they can, they enjoy playing games and watching movies with their children.

“My family is my priority,” says Magaly, “my kids bring joy and laughter to my life.”

Even though their children range in age from 17 to 2 years old, the family is close. The two oldest, Karina (17), and Manuel (16), are musically gifted. Karina plays both the violin and the cello and is in the orchestral band while Manuel is on the drum line and plays bass, quad and snare drums. Rounding out the family is Baltazar Jr. (8), who likes school and is a fast learner, and Daleysha, a happy little girl of 2 who has a zest for life and makes everyone smile.

Their children motivate them to work hard to provide a place they can all call home.

“Homeownership is very important to me,” says Magaly, “because it is something that will belong to me and my family.”

They’ve completed all required sweat equity hours and classes and are taking the financial principles they learned to heart, vowing to “take better care of their money and keep to a budget.” In fact, after paying off their bills, they immediately set aside the money they needed for the down payment on their new home.

A friendly, outgoing person, Magaly looks forward to getting to know the families around them and wants to plant flowers and build a play area for her younger children. They can envision living in this house for years to come, watching their children grow up, graduate high school and start their own families.

The whole family is excited to move into their new house, and Magaly hopes this is the last move she ever makes. (Photo by: Anna Finocchiaro)