Longtime North Omaha Resident Gains a Place of Her Own

February 8, 2023

Longtime North Omaha Resident Gains a Place of Her Own 

Habitat Omaha’s Homeownership Program 

Cydnee loves north Omaha, especially its rich history in the arts. But over the years, she found herself unable to find an affordable place to live – until she found Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.

The sad truth is she never thought she could afford a home as she “couch-surfed” at friends’ homes or rented in the area for nearly a decade. The biggest burden she felt was overwhelming student-loan debt.

But in March 2021, the mother of four saw a news story about Habitat for Humanity of Omaha and for the first time in a long time, Cydnee was hopeful she could overcome the homeownership barriers she faced.

When she contacted Habitat Omaha for the first time, she was able to schedule an introductory meeting. It was there she met calm, helpful staff members who explored options and solutions to her credit and debt problems.

“I felt relief,” Cydnee said. “This (homeownership) is something I can actually do.” Habitat Omaha Family Services staff attacked her debt-to-income ratio first, using several approaches, including refinancing her vehicle and helping her get a pay increase from her employer.

With that behind her, Cydnee began work on her mortgage readiness education classes to help her prepare to purchase a Habitat Omaha home. She finished all three education classes in one month, getting a quick start on her 175 hours of sweat equity.

Then, she and her four children began the fun part – looking for their forever home.

Cydnee and her children, Mayakaahl, Shirley, Jayvonie and Naylah drove past their soon-to-be Pinkney Street address as it was being built. Excitement grew as they enjoyed the small victories like the walls going up, windows being installed, and the house being painted.

She signed her mortgage paperwork last November and she and her children moved into their neat, three-bedroom home shortly after. Cydnee kept the closing date a secret from her children to add to the priceless surprise.

Finally, after 10 years, what Cydnee thought was an unrealistic dream became a reality with and her children, unlocking the door to their new home.

Cydnee and her two daughters

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