July means fireworks…and property taxes

It’s that time of year again: when we think about Fourth of July gatherings and fireworks, but also schools, roads and emergency services. This important infrastructure is all around us, and we pay for it every year when we pay our property taxes.

Yes, you and me and Habitat Omaha homeowners – we all pay property taxes. Here’s a positive thought for July: in 2020, the estimated value of all Habitat Omaha homes was $37.4 million and the owners contributed more than $839,000 in property taxes!

Our taxes help fund services that affect our daily lives, like schools, police and fire departments, water, sewer, street maintenance, recreational programs, park improvements and more. Plus, it helps keep our community clean and functional.

In many cases, before an individual or family partners with Habitat Omaha to build a house, minimal (or no) taxes are paid on the land. Afterword, the land provides shelter for a family and generates real estate taxes for the county. Now that’s something to ponder in July.

Trish Wangler