Habitat Omaha Homeowners

Homeownership is Our Happiness

Aquedzox, Yesica and their three children, Randy, Xitlalic and Aurus will celebrate their homeowner anniversary this Thanksgiving. The holiday will mark two years since the family spent a chilly Thanksgiving day moving into their brand new Habitat Omaha house. A house that has given them happiness, relief and security. Because of this home, Aquedzox no longer worries about water leaking in and knows his family will always have a warm place of their own during the cold winter months.

“Now home is my family, my wife, my kids and my house,” Aquedzox says. “It’s my happiness.”

Aquedzox and Yesica always dreamed about becoming homeowners. He applied to Habitat Omaha’s Homeownership Program three times and cried when he received the call letting him know he had finally been accepted. Yesica says having their own home is a wish come true.

“It’s a feeling like when a person tells you you’re never going to have something, but you keep trying and in the end, you reach your goal,” Yesica says.

Every month they are a step closer to their goal of paying off the house. Aquedzox says they view their monthly mortgage payment as “happiness we’re slowly giving ourselves.”

He remembers the day his family visualized how they wanted their house to look. They grabbed a piece of paper and drew where they wanted the bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom to be.

“Once the house was finished, I realized this house matched the house we drew,” Aquedzox says. “The bedrooms were where the children wanted them, and we even have the porch my wife wanted.”

A garden, retaining wall and carport are a few additions Aquedzox and Yesica would like to make in the future. They have already added a fence to their backyard so their children and two dogs can safely play outside.

Aside from the additions, Yesica also has added earning a GED certificate to her list of goals. She currently goes to school once a week and plans to look for a flexible job once she receives her diploma. She says she is thankful for the stability and opportunities the house has given them.

“With the simple fact of giving you the opportunity to be able to partner and build a house with Habitat, it is enough to give you stability to go from there,” Yesica says.