Homeowner Spotlight: Meet Chyla, a long-time homeowner

By: Daisy Dean

For Chyla, living out Habitat for Humanity’s mission isn’t just done at work; it’s something she lives out in her personal life as well. Chyla joined the Habitat for Humanity of Omaha family more than 12 years ago when her father, an employee at the time, recommended her to the Homeownership Program.

During her first six years as a Habitat homeowner, she made many changes. She replaced her roof and siding, removed a large tree trunk and replaced her carpet.  After making these changes, she wanted to do even more. She applied for Habitat Omaha’s Home Improvement Program, which allowed her to secure an affordable, interest-free loan. With this loan, she installed a privacy fence and deck and extended her front steps.

Other changes Chyla made to her home include painting her kitchen, living room, hallways and her son’s (13) and daughter’s (3) bedrooms. Her daughter’s room is now a lavender Minnie Mouse theme and her son’s room is a reminder of her father, who was in the Navy.

Chyla’s home is full of memories of her father. Since his passing, she feels her house is even more blessed. She has a collage dedicated to him, inspiring her to put up more pictures and decorations. “I want to fill my whole living room up with pictures because pictures mean a thousand words,” Chyla states.

Throughout the years, Chyla has become good friends with her neighbors. In the summer, she gets out her patio furniture to relax with friends and enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass. She also prepares her backyard to host pool parties and barbeques, which is always a highlight of her summers. As the seasons change, Chyla’s home décor changes – first for Halloween, followed by Christmas. Because of her festive decorations, many of her neighbors have joined her in putting up Christmas lights.

Chyla has become even more involved at Habitat Omaha since she closed on her home. She has done a few commercials and radio advertisements for Habitat Omaha and has recently joined the Mortgage Services Team to make more of an impact in her community.

After 12 years, Chyla is halfway done with paying off her mortgage, but she still has many more plans for how she will continue to make her house a home. She plans to apply for Habitat Omaha’s Home Improvement Program again so she can install a sunroom and improve her front yard landscaping.

“Take care of your home because it will take care of you,” Chyla says.

You can help more homeowners like Chyla by making a gift to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha today.