Habitat Spotlight: Meet Emily

February 16, 2018

Habitat Spotlight: Meet Emily

Emily (pictured above) has been with Habitat for Humanity of Omaha just over 4 months. She is an Omaha native and a Truman State University graduate.

“After working at a nonprofit for 5 years in Kansas City and wrapping up my MPA at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, I decided to make my way back home to Omaha. Teatime with Grandma Kak was a pretty big draw!”

Emily is a Development Officer who specifically works with our faith coalitions, volunteer crews made up of local churches and faith organizations who each sponsor and build a home.

“I work with our 4 faith coalitions, Washington County, and Burt County communities to ensure these partners have a positive volunteer and donor experience. Day to day, I help congregations better understand Habitat’s mission and programs so they can be our ambassadors and refer potential homeowners and home repair applicants to us, recruit construction and ReStore volunteers, and donate funds and in-kind services.”

Her essential work item is her calendar, followed closely by her photo/inspiration wall at her desk. Emily is a self-proclaimed National Park/Forest junkie. She has already been to 11 of the 58 National Parks, and she and her fiancé Seth are hoping to hit 3 more this year during their honeymoon in Alaska. She is a big Van Morrison fan, and admits that “Indian Summer” is one of her favorite jams.

What surprised Emily the most when she first joined the Habitat Omaha family was the staff’s passion and dedication.

“Everyone here truly cares for and uplifts the mission of Habitat, and builds genuine relationships with each other.”

If you’d like to join the Habitat Omaha team, Emily had this to say: “There is always work to do and new projects to explore, and it is awesome to be in a place that values experimentation and empowers you to push yourself and try new ways of thinking and doing.”

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