Giving Back to America’s Heroes

As we drove down the street in a quiet South Omaha neighborhood, we came upon a crew of dedicated roofers working hard in the cold month of December to pull an old roof off of a little white house. This is George’s house. As we documented the progress that the roofing crew had made to the home thus far, we couldn’t help notice the overwhelming pride of the volunteers as they rallied to help keep George’s home safe.

George served as a Manual Morse Code Intercept Operator in the early 1960s. He has lived in his home his whole life. George’s roof was aging and needed to be replaced. He wasn’t sure where to turn but was soon connected with Habitat Omaha’s Veteran Outreach program. From interior and exterior maintenance and repairs, the Veteran Outreach Home Repair Program covers a variety of homeowner needs.

Mark Coffin, Habitat Omaha’s Veteran Outreach Coordinator, sprang into action and reached out to the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation. SRS Distributors and Contractor Supply were able to donate what was needed for George’s home project. Projects like George’s home roof are what Mark does every day to help make sure our veterans have safe and reliable homes to live in.

Mark Coffin, Habitat Omaha’s Outreach has made a career based on service to others. Coffin served 27 years in the United States Army before becoming Habitat Omaha’s Veteran Outreach Coordinator. During his time in the army, he worked heavily in cyber security abroad and at home. In 2014, he decided to shift from military life and give back to fellow veterans. Mark has served in his current role as Veteran Outreach Coordinator for more than seven years and has helped more than 100 veterans receive home repairs.

Mark’s role as Outreach Coordinator involves partnering with other organizations to help connect veterans with the support they need.

“Many of our veteran repair projects are nominations from other service organizations and entities,” Coffin says.

Mark has big plans for the veteran’s outreach program. He hopes to provide even more home repairs for veterans in 2022. This growth is only possible with continued community support.

“Any additional donations in support of veteran outreach are always appreciated. It is only through this funding that I am able to help as many veterans as I do,” Mark says. “I am very thankful that I was asked to do this work to assist veterans in need to ensure housing stability.”

You can help make more home repairs possible for veterans like George this year by making a gift to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha today.