Better living conditions

October 18, 2019

Better living conditions

From helping with recycling, to passing out spoons at the ice cream truck, Kyle Sheppard was eager to jump in and assist where needed during Habitat for Humanity of Omaha’s 2019 Home Builders Blitz.

Kyle primarily helped with recycling by picking up trash cans from each build site and sorting the materials. A first-time Habitat Omaha volunteer, he helped out all five days of the event and even returned the day after to install siding.

“It feels great to help provide better living conditions for families,” Kyle said regarding his daily motivation on the build site.

Kyle first heard of Habitat Omaha when he installed a furnace in a Habitat Omaha home years ago. During Home Builders Blitz, he watched as volunteers helped construct multiple homes from foundation to drywall in just days. After seeing the transformation and meeting future homeowners, builders and neighbors at the celebration cookout, he decided he’ll be back next year.

“I would like to work on one of the homes next year and maybe help build,” he said.

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