2020 Habitat Omaha Pro Build House in Bellevue

Opportunity in Bellevue: Cost of Home Conversation

Our CEO, Amanda Brewer, and Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, Tracie McPherson, were joined by Bellevue Mayor Rusty Hike to talk about housing in his city. Our second Cost of Home Conversation focused on the barriers to housing that many in this Sarpy County city are facing.

One of the biggest challenges for Bellevue homebuyers is finding affordably priced houses on the market. After historic flooding hit Nebraska in 2019, many of these houses were wiped out, while the increasing cost of materials and land has made rebuilding more expensive. The mayor sees new partnerships with organizations like Habitat Omaha as a way to bring needed workforce housing to the city.

Mayor Hike, who has an extensive background in real estate, offered this advice to first-time homebuyers: “Your credit is huge, so just work on your credit.” And, he continued, “save where you can.”

Through one of Habitat Omaha’s newest programs, Almost Home, individuals and families looking to purchase their first house receive mortgage readiness support. Depending on the need, participants can focus on improving their credit, managing their debt, increasing their savings and more.

The group also talked about this year’s Women Build—the first in Sarpy County—and how we’re forming new partnerships in the area.

As we continue to expand our efforts in Sarpy County, conversations like this will help us shape our plans and ensure solutions address the unique needs of the community.

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