A Faithful Journey to Homeownership, Jamila’s Story

Living in an apartment for six years was not ideal for Jamila and her family. Their apartment did not fit their needs, but they made it work. Jamila knew she had goals she wanted to accomplish in 2021. One of those goals was to become a homeowner.

Prior to deciding to partner with Habitat Omaha, Jamila wanted three things: pay off her credit card, work on building her credit, and get her family into a house. For months, she prepared herself financially for this next step in her life, knowing it would help her process go more smoothly.

After applying to Habitat Omaha, Jamila was nervous that the process would be drawn out due to the pandemic, but her process started quickly.

During the summer, Jamila worked with Habitat Omaha’s Faithful Builders Coalition to earn her sweat equity hours. While working with Faithful Builders, she was encouraged to try new things. She recalls, “Every single one of the people that came through while I was there was super friendly. Ed and Pat are the best leaders. Clearly, I had no idea what to do in the house, but everyone was so patient and encouraged me to step outside the box, not just try to use a hammer because who hasn’t used a hammer but to get up on the ladder, c’mon, use this nail gun.”

Faithful Builders left a profound impact on Jamila as she moves on to the next stage of her life. Jamila states, “All of the people that took the time to build this house meant a lot because they didn’t have to be here, they didn’t have to do it, but they did it because of the love in their hearts and that the homes go to families who deserve and work hard to own a home.”

One memory that sticks with her is the time she was applying foam insulation with her aunt. “We were making such a mess and it was so funny to us because we couldn’t control it…I am looking at these walls now that are covered and I’m thinking about how it was just the frame and we were on ladders doing that and laughing,” states Jamila.

Once her home was finally completed, Faithful Builders hosted a house dedication to bless Jamila and her family’s new home. Jamila states, “The dedication service was so sweet and I wasn’t expecting to cry.”

After being in her home for almost three months Jamila recalls her first time stepping into her new home, “I couldn’t believe that this foundation was going to be my house. But from the first day to the last day, had no idea what the transformation would be like but it was heartwarming to me and unbelievable my first time stepping on this land. I just couldn’t believe this was my house. It was very overwhelming for me.”

You can help more homeowners like Jamila by making a gift to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha today.